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Leading Edge Technology For The Financial Services Industry

What We Offer

We are building an easy-to-use wealth management platform for financial advisors.
This will help advisors educate and collaborate with their clients in a visual manner in order to give their clients
a financial HOLISTIC g.p.s. to reach their financial goals and dreams.


Cash Flow

We provide intelligent aggregation of your spending trends and make recommendations to strengthen your net worth and cash flows.


Goals Tracking

We provide intelligent aggregation of your spending trends and make recommendations to strengthen your net worth and cash flows.



We provide 360d view of your debts by aggregating and analyzing data and providing you clear path toward debt optimization.



We holistically analyze mortgages along with your debts. We can automate scanning of your credit report as well as linking to your home values.

Our Mission

OUR MISSON We started the company to strengthen collaborative financial planning between Financial Advisors and their clients in North America and Globally.

We believe the financial planning process should be educational, transparent, proactive, engaging, predictive and enjoyable.

More importantly, this process provides consistent financial coaching along the way.

No technology can create meaningful impact on society without the intangible of strong collaborative education.

We are not a Robo-Advisor Model but a Cyborg-Advisor Model (combination of humans and computers) which is the proven path of future.

Our mission is to provide transparent dynamic current information with proactive actionable suggestions to Financial Advisors and consumers to assist in making optimal informed financial decisions and mapping these decisions for their overall financial future, values and goals.

Changes In The Industry

The Financial Advisory Industry is being redefined by four critical changes currently:

1-New regulatory and compliance pressures which is shrinking the margins and increasing accountability.

2-Rise of millennials and savvy consumers who are more demanding. These consumers are not comfortable with one-way information and decisions from the Financial Advisors.

3-There has been an exponential growth in financial information, which has made the job of Financial Advisors quite challenging and complex. Both the Financial Advisors and consumers need a solid "Financial GPS" to separate signals from noise and help navigate their path to financial freedom.

4-The investment management and planning process cannot be undertaken in silo. It has to be linked to your holistic financial and life planning decisions including and not limited to your employment, earning ability, career planning, risk management, debt management and the handling of cash and expenses.

The future platform is going to be strongly holistic and consumer-centric emphasizing predictive and measurable value creation and not just pushing of products or one sided recommendations in a static world.


We are focused on creating the next generation predictive, personalized, digital and holistic Financial Management experience while finding the ideal intersection between life and financial goals in North America and Globally. That is why our platform is called Fin-life Wealth.


1-Forward Looking Leadership Team: We focus on emerging star trends in the Financial Advisory Industry as well as high potential investments. However we do not recommend or manage investments. We provide actionable information for the decision making of Financial Advisors and their clients.

2-Research: Our competitive advantage stems from our world class research which is currently undertaken by the top world experts at Wilfred Laurier University, Boston University and Waterloo University. Our research entails both quantitative qualitative research with holistic financial planning as well as the screening of top mutual funds and exchange traded funds.

3-Partnerships: We have forged alliances and joint ventures with some top companies in the Financial Services Industry in North America. These companies cover a wide spectrum of the Financial Services Industry and entail areas of market intelligence, digitalized real estate and mortgages, CRM, lead generation, behaviour analytics of clients, robo-investments and leadership training for Financial Advisors.

This holistic approach provides one stop shop solution to Financial Advisors to answer any question related to money and wealth for their clients while allowing advisers to grow their business over time through our unique lead generation program.