Great Companies start with Emerging Star Ideas that will change the Status Quo and create tremendous Value Creation in the World


ESIG builds companies around Emerging Star ideas in the Fintech and Global Energy space. These companies are the rising stars of tomorrow built around strong economic moats and teams. They represent both value and growth. Peter Lynch in his book “One Up on Wall Street” calls these companies as “Ten Bagger” stocks. Warren Buffett calls them “Economic Moats” as they have the potential to maintain long term competitive advantage, market share and high growth profits.

We identify Emerging Star Investment ideas through a well-defined and comprehensive process characterized by ten key metrics

  • Perfect Company should be engaged in a perfectly simple business. Name does not matter but simplicity of what the business does matters a lot.
  • It looks disagreeable or impractical at first look but has great underlying moat or potential, not discerned by majority of people. This is because majority is always wrong and it is minority that will make big money in this zero sum game.
  • Sometimes spin-offs from modular products can grow into scalable high growth potential companies.
  • It is a relatively hidden gem. Institutions have not invested and many investors are not taking it seriously.
  • The company should be in a no-growth industry which is less competitive and not thrived by MIT, Harvard and Stanford graduates with cut throat competition. Flashy ideas in highly vibrant industries like computers lead to escalated competition as well as creation of bubble.
  • The company must have a strong proven niche.
  • There should be repeatable and scalable sales in this niche.
  • It deploys technology not as a fashion or domino effect, but to reduce transactions costs and increase margins.
  • The team believes and invests in the company. The insiders have superior knowledge of their business than outside analysts sitting in banks or Wall Street.
  • The company is at the early stage and the potential growth has yet to happen.

Emerging Star Companies have seven key characteristics that underpin their both growth and value potential. They are the exponential organizations that will create better future

  • They simplify the existing models and create efficiencies.
  • They deploy disruptive technologies to leverage exponential growth.
  • They are lean in their processes and operations.
  • They employ simple and scalable business models.
  • They ride mega emerging star global trends.
  • They leverage forward looking agile teams.
  • They evolve and adapt to the evolving market realities.

We have identified four key Fintech Emerging Star Investment ideas in the Fintech Industry which will have significant impact on the Fintech Landscape in the next decade. We are also currently identifying gems in the Energy and Real Estate Sectors

Following is a Portfolio of our current Emerging Star Investments. These projects fit the category of Emerging Star Investment Companies. We are currently attracting investors in Asia to invest in these high potential growth opportunities. Simultaneously we are researching gems located in North America and Asia for introduction to our network of investors in North America. The following four companies are rightly positioned in a transformational Fintech Industry which is undergoing massive changes in next three years. This is happening due to regulatory changes as well as pressure on Banks, Insurance Companies and Hedge Funds to become more accountable, transparent and cut down on unnecessary fee charged to clients.

Using Artificial Intelligence Technology, we are building the next generation Financial Planning Model for Financial Advisors where the Advisors & their Clients can get all data and analytics related to their debts, cash flows, mortgages, investments and insurances dynamically. This technology serves as virtual GPS for Financial Advisors and their clients and sends them proactive alerts as their financial plans change over time. Using AI Technology, we will be able to pull all data of clients in real time and also ensure that it is privately owned and secured by the individual users. This technology will also help Financial Advisors navigate zillions of funds in seconds and match those to the unique risk profile of their clients.

Fin-Life Funds is an extension of our Fin-Life Wealth Platform. Here our focus is to scan and analyze zillions of Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Funds of Funds and REITs for the Financial Advisors. Again using AI Technology and Artificial Intelligence we are able to do advance analysis for the Financial Advisors and help them pick up right products for their clients dynamically and proactively, which otherwise takes days and months of work for them. More importantly, we provide comprehensive technology that will empower all Financial Advisors to become Robo Advisors and compete adequately with contemporary Robo Advisors who are currently threatening to disintermediate the Financial Advisors.

Fin-Life Hedge Funds is a crowd funding platform driven by Artificial Intelligence where we scan thousands of Hedge Funds using Algorithmic and Quantitative Methods and match those to investors. This Model is a win-win situation as top Hedge Funds are matched to right investors. This also democratizes access of Hedge Funds to both Accredited Investors and Ordinary Investors. Currently this project is at Research Stage. This model will be extended to REITS, Private Equity and other Structured Products in future. It is important to note that this AI Model takes into account both consistency of returns and risk management.

Fin-Life Microfinance addresses tremendous inefficiencies prevalent in the process of Microfinance lending in the emerging economies like Pakistan, Kenya, Malaysia, Central Asia, Indonesia and Brazil. China and India are already deploying advance technologies. Microfinance institutions are operating sub-optimally in these countries. Deploying AI Technology we can create secured and efficient information superhighway for these Microfinance Institutions and help them decrease their operational costs tremendously thereby increasing their margins as well as agility and speed of operations.

Our Value Proposition


Bitcoin was the fast digital currency introduced in 2008. Now there are bunch of currencies like Ether which are gaining momentum. Some experts vision Cryptocurrencies to replace physical money. But this might take decades. We answer the question for you: What is the right strategy for you to play this mega trend in short and long term?

Smart Contracts

Some big insurance companies are experimenting with going on Block Chain for implementation of Smart Contracts in order to reduce fraud and increase efficiency and transparency for implementation of insurance contracts : What is the right strategy for you to transition onto this mega trend in short and long term?

Collaborative Competition

Gone are the days when technology tools or static analytics were the source of competitive advantage. Now we have entered an era of Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics. Competitive technology tools of yesterday are either being outsourced or are becoming part of “Open Source Platforms” to tap the collective wisdom. We guide you how to build your Competitive Strategy and outsource or leverage “Open Source Platforms”?

Alternative Lending

There is a big race in the making to tap the “unbanked and underbanked” market. Therefore many companies are reinventing the credit scores and offering alternative solutions to SMEs. We answer the question for you: What is the right strategy for you to redesign your bank or financial institution to become a modern digital organization?

Robo Advice

Robo Advisors are like a bubble. They are facing challenges due to recent market volatility as well as increased costs of customer acquisition. All big banks are becoming Robos thereby reducing market share of emerging Robos. We guide you how to make best use of current existing Robo Tools and compete with Robos?

Aggregation of Data

There are many platforms which are aggregating and analyzing consumer data as well as spending habits and behaviours of consumers. We guide you how to make best use of Big Data Analytics?

Block Chain Trading Platforms

Some major stock exchanges of the world have already started experiments with Block Chain Trading Platforms to increase the speed, efficiency and security of stocks trading. We can build a strategic map for you how to tap this Mega Trend and re-position your investment company?

Social Investing

Social Investing is growing very fast with platforms like e-Toro and Stock-Twits taking the lead. Social investing is a growing trend due to rise of facebook, twitter and linkedIn. We can build design of your Retirement Strategy Dashboards for your clients using social data?

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