The Portfolio Management Process, by Tariq Ali Asghar

The Portfolio Management process comprises of six key steps:
(1)-The first step for the Portfolio Manager is to determine the Investment objective in terms of risk-return of the Investment and identify any potential constraints of the investor.
(2)-Design of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). This statement envisages the objectives, risk tolerance and constrains of the Investor.
(3)-Analyze best possible asset allocation strategy; that would help investors to reach his or her goals. Note that asset allocation constitutes 90% of returns of the Portfolio; and therefore piggybacking Guru stocks will not help beat the Market.
(4)-The Portfolio manager implements the Investment Strategy as agreed upon with the Investor; and using his specific asset allocation strategy.
(5)-Monitor the asset allocation process driven by the economy, the markets, the portfolio and the client.
(6)-Evaluate performance in hindsight and anticipate future outcomes.

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