Changes in the Industry

We strongly believe that it is right time to introduce a holistic Financial Planning Model like ours using disruptive technology as the industry is undergoing massive transformations

  1. New regulatory changes asking for greater transparency from Financial Advisors
  2. Exponential growth in Financial Data making everybody confused
  3. Growing need to integrate Investment Planning to Debt Optimization
  4. Holistic Planning cutting across Career Planning, Spending and Retirement Planning
  5. Customer-Centric Predictive Analytics
  6. Shrinking margins for Advisors and dire need to innovate the Financial Planning process
  7. Increasing Market Volatility

What is Fin-life Wealth?

Fin-life Wealth is our next generation Financial Planning Platform using Artificial Intelligence Technology.

It is for Financial Advisors

Get more new clients; retain your existing clients

We are a forward looking technology company aiming to introduce AI technologies for intelligent data aggregation, predictive analytics and robust alternative solutions in the context of Financial Planning Model.

Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence System in tandem with AI technologies are positioned to disrupt the current industry by doing following three actions:

  1. Collect all data of individuals driven by one unique identifier; encrypt and secure it permanently while keeping it in the hands of its owner.
  2. Automated debt optimization and linking it to spending habits and cash flows dynamics of individuals for better financial control.
  3. Top funds analytics in a dynamic setting and linking those to unique risk profile of individuals.


We started Fin-life Wealth to strengthen collaborative financial planning between Financial Advisors and their clients in North America.

  • We believe the Financial Planning Process should be educational, transparent, proactive, engaging and enjoyable
  • Our Model is collaborative, proactive and predictive and will serve as powerful GPS for financial freedom of people

Our Independent Research

We provide independent Research to Financial Advisors on how they can gain more knowledge and strengthen their practice

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How is Fin-life Wealth right Platform for Advisors as Industry undergoes massive changes?

We are strongly positioned to take up this enormous challenge of providing a holistic Financial Planning to Financial Advisors to cope with these critical changes sweeping the industry in next 3-5 years by providing the following

  1. We focus on transparency from the standpoint of both Advisors and Clients
  2. We organize plethora of Big Data deploying our intelligent data aggregation and analytics system
  3. We tie together debts to cash flows and finally to financial goals
  4. We are truly holistic
  5. We offer Virtual Assistant for Advisors and Clients for gaining complete control
  6. Our Platform can help Advisors figure out new Revenue Streams and is ideal for Fee-based planning
  7. Our top Funds Model proactively alerts against Market Volatility

Our Story

Increasing market Volatility and multidimensional risk factors supporting global markets has created huge demand for a next generation wealth management solution.

After years of personal experience in the investment management industry, the founder, Tariq Ali Asghar, set out to build a holistic wealth management platform that would deliver an exceptional experience and drive better results. We’re leveraging innovative technology with the best financial research (or advice) to empower companies and individuals to manage their money

Our Strength

  1. Forward looking team of Financial Advisors and Entrepreneurs
  2. Applied Research underway in top Canadian and US Universities
  3. Partnerships with emerging companies in Fintech from Real Estate to Insurance to Portfolio Management

We will help you acquire more clients and retain your existing clients

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