Our Projects

We have identified four key Fintech Emerging Star Investment ideas in the Fintech Industry which will have significant impact on the Fintech Landscape in the next decade. We are also currently identifying gems in the Energy and Real Estate Sectors

Following is a Portfolio of our current Emerging Star Investments. These projects fit the category of Emerging Star Investment Companies. We are currently attracting investors in Asia to invest in these high potential growth opportunities. Simultaneously we are researching gems located in North America and Asia for introduction to our network of investors in North America. The following four companies are rightly positioned in a transformational Fintech Industry which is undergoing massive changes in next three years. This is happening due to regulatory changes as well as pressure on Banks, Insurance Companies and Hedge Funds to become more accountable, transparent and cut down on unnecessary fee charged to clients.

Using Artificial Intelligence Technology, we are building the next generation Financial Planning Model for Financial Advisors where the Advisors & their Clients can get all data and analytics related to their debts, cash flows, mortgages, investments and insurances dynamically. This technology serves as virtual GPS for Financial Advisors and their clients and sends them proactive alerts as their financial plans change over time. Using AI Technology, we will be able to pull all data of clients in real time and also ensure that it is privately owned and secured by the individual users. This technology will also help Financial Advisors navigate zillions of funds in seconds and match those to the unique risk profile of their clients.

Fin-Life Funds is an extension of our Fin-Life Wealth Platform. Here our focus is to scan and analyze zillions of Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Funds of Funds and REITs for the Financial Advisors. Again using AI Technology and Artificial Intelligence we are able to do advance analysis for the Financial Advisors and help them pick up right products for their clients dynamically and proactively, which otherwise takes days and months of work for them. More importantly, we provide comprehensive technology that will empower all Financial Advisors to become Robo Advisors and compete adequately with contemporary Robo Advisors who are currently threatening to disintermediate the Financial Advisors.

Fin-Life Hedge Funds is a crowd funding platform driven by Artificial Intelligence where we scan thousands of Hedge Funds using Algorithmic and Quantitative Methods and match those to investors. This Model is a win-win situation as top Hedge Funds are matched to right investors. This also democratizes access of Hedge Funds to both Accredited Investors and Ordinary Investors. Currently this project is at Research Stage. This model will be extended to REITS, Private Equity and other Structured Products in future. It is important to note that this AI Model takes into account both consistency of returns and risk management.

Fin-Life Microfinance addresses tremendous inefficiencies prevalent in the process of Microfinance lending in the emerging economies like Pakistan, Kenya, Malaysia, Central Asia, Indonesia and Brazil. China and India are already deploying advance technologies. Microfinance institutions are operating sub-optimally in these countries. Deploying AI Technology we can create secured and efficient information superhighway for these Microfinance Institutions and help them decrease their operational costs tremendously thereby increasing their margins as well as agility and speed of operations.