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We identify Emerging Star Investment ideas through a well-defined and comprehensive process characterized by ten key metrics

  • Perfect Company should be engaged in a perfectly simple business. Name does not matter but simplicity of what the business does matters a lot.
  • It looks disagreeable or impractical at first look but has great underlying moat or potential, not discerned by majority of people. This is because majority is always wrong and it is minority that will make big money in this zero sum game.
  • Sometimes spin-offs from modular products can grow into scalable high growth potential companies.
  • It is a relatively hidden gem. Institutions have not invested and many investors are not taking it seriously.
  • The company should be in a no-growth industry which is less competitive and not thrived by MIT, Harvard and Stanford graduates with cut throat competition. Flashy ideas in highly vibrant industries like computers lead to escalated competition as well as creation of bubble.
  • The company must have a strong proven niche.
  • There should be repeatable and scalable sales in this niche.
  • It deploys technology not as a fashion or domino effect, but to reduce transactions costs and increase margins.
  • The team believes and invests in the company. The insiders have superior knowledge of their business than outside analysts sitting in banks or Wall Street.
  • The company is at the early stage and the potential growth has yet to happen.