Our Value Proposition

Alternative Lending

There is a big race in the making to tap the “unbanked and underbanked” market. Therefore many companies are reinventing the credit scores and offering alternative solutions to SMEs. We answer the question for you: What is the right strategy for you to redesign your bank or financial institution to become a modern digital organization?

Block Chain Trading Platforms

Some major stock exchanges of the world have already started experiments with Block Chain Trading Platforms to increase the speed, efficiency and security of stocks trading. We can build a strategic map for you how to tap this Mega Trend and re-position your investment company?

Smart Contracts

Some big insurance companies are experimenting with going on Block Chain for implementation of Smart Contracts in order to reduce fraud and increase efficiency and transparency for implementation of insurance contracts : What is the right strategy for you to transition onto this mega trend in short and long term?

Social Investing

Social Investing is growing very fast with platforms like e-Toro and Stock-Twits taking the lead. Social investing is a growing trend due to rise of facebook, twitter and linkedIn. We can build design of your Retirement Strategy Dashboards for your clients using social data?


Bitcoin was the fast digital currency introduced in 2008. Now there are bunch of currencies like Ether which are gaining momentum. Some experts vision Cryptocurrencies to replace physical money. But this might take decades. We answer the question for you: What is the right strategy for you to play this mega trend in short and long term?

Robo Advice

Robo Advisors are like a bubble. They are facing challenges due to recent market volatility as well as increased costs of customer acquisition. All big banks are becoming Robos thereby reducing market share of emerging Robos. We guide you how to make best use of current existing Robo Tools and compete with Robos?

Collaborative Competition

Gone are the days when technology tools or static analytics were the source of competitive advantage. Now we have entered an era of Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics. Competitive technology tools of yesterday are either being outsourced or are becoming part of “Open Source Platforms” to tap the collective wisdom. We guide you how to build your Competitive Strategy and outsource or leverage “Open Source Platforms”?

Aggregation of Data

There are many platforms which are aggregating and analyzing consumer data as well as spending habits and behaviours of consumers. We guide you how to make best use of Big Data Analytics?